Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

  • Just making the final adjustments, Mother.
  • You fool. You think we didn't try that already? It's gonna take more than a few robots to lift the Monkey King's staff. Only those deemed worthy enough can wield it. But I, Red Son, have designed this gauntlet to bend it to my will.
  • Yes! I did it!
  • What?! Why isn't anything happening?! Mother, are you sure this is the right mountain?
  • Yes, Father! Rise! Rise!
  • Actually, it was I, Father. I moved the staff. I learned how to harness it. To make its power mi-
  • Our...power.
  • Together we, the Demon Bull Family, will plunge the world into eternal darkness!
  • Get off me, you idiot!
  • Did you know what you just did?! You ruined my moment!
  • Wait, Father.
  • Waste not your energy on this...peasant. Please, allow me to show you how powerful I have become in your absence!
  • In some ways, you're very fortunate, noodle boy! Not many insects are lucky enough to be stamped out by the Demon Bull Family.
  • Are you even listening to me?! I, Red Son, will not be disrespected!
  • You're history!
  • No way! How can you could you possibly lift Monkey King's staff?
  • I don't what's going on here, but I'm about to end it. That staff is mine!
  • Father, allow me. I won't fail you a second time.
  • Of course, Father.
  • All right, noodle boy, hand it over!
  • Fine! Have it your way!
  • You would get down here so I can kill you?!
  • I'm coming to get you, noodle boy!
  • You're not getting away from me that easy!
  • What? You think I drive anything that doesn't at least have one complex transformation?
  • You gotta be kidding me!
  • Noodle boy! When I find you, I'm gonna bust you into little bits!
  • And...that should about do it.
  • That's because it's not powered up yet. The suit absorbs energy to create energy. And what better source than the magic staff that kept you underground.
  • Uh. Yeah. It-it-it was the noodle boy I-”
  • And while we wait, the furnace can create other things to energy.
  • The more rare the item, the more power Father will become. And once we have that staff, he would be unstoppable!
  • We're here for the new yells above shoes.
  • Do you know who he is? That's the D.B.K. you're talking to.
  • Yes. With every item absorbed, my family comes one step closer to total domination! Once we get the Monkey King's staff, we will be unstoppable!
  • What?! You let them get away?!
  • So, you wanna be heroes, huh? Let me show you what happens to heroes.
  • You think this is over? It isn't over, bozo! Why don't you just get out of that dorky mech and fight me, you coward!

Season 1

Bad Weather

  • And sooner than you think, Father. Allow me to secure the power you desire.
  • I won't fail you again.
  • Not for much longer.
  • Citizens. It is I, Red Son. I have taken control of the Weather Station and will harness the very power of nature to return my father to his former glory. This message is more of a courtesy really.
  • When I'm finished, my father will once more dominate the world! And then- Oh look! A lightning button.
  • Noodle boy! I thought I smelled some garbage. Turns out I was right!
  • You dorks done beating each other yet?
  • I guess the garbage takes itself out now.
  • Peasants.
  • You have to beat yourself some more?
  • Not so tough without all your Monkey King powers, are you?
  • You may have won this round, but-you're-still-garbage!

The Great Wall Race

  • “—Live forever! Are you two even listing?”
  • “But…but the peaches are powerful!”
  • “Fine! You two stay here in your hole, digging up your "mysterious power source." I am going to win the race and when I get that peach, I'm not sharing!”
  • “Can you peasants be quiet? I’m trying to get in the zone!
  • “Wait, what?”
  • “My victory is assured! You're never going to make this turn!”
  • “Get out of my way, noodle boy!”
  • “Victory is mine, peasants!”
  • “Noodle boy, you insufferable. That peach should be mine!”
  • “It says right there on the poster.”
  • “I knew that! You think you're so-”
  • “Peasants!”

Skeleton Key

  • “Not for long! All we need is a key and look what I found.”
  • “Noodle boy, finally!”
  • “Do you know how long I've been waiting here for you? Your house is… depressing. I almost feel bad taking things from you, buuut I'm going to need that magic key.”
  • “Yoink! So long, noodle boy!”
  • “Can't you and your peasant friends just let me plot in peace just one time?!”
  • “What?”
  • “So long, dragon horse girl! Here's a tip, next time pick one animal and-”
  • “Thanks for the key, losers!”
  • “Bones? It's just bones?”

The End is Here!

  • “Yes Father, we have finally taken our rightful place as the rulers of the city—oh.”
  • “Father, let me go up there and destroy those-”
  • “No, Father!”
  • Noodle boy?”
  • “No. This time we fight with you.”
  • “Mother.”
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