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“Enough! I don't need you coming here being a party pooper. You know what we need to do? Celebrate! Bring in the Year of the Spider in style!”
— The Spider Queen

Revenge of the Spider Queen is a 44-minute special for Season 2 of Monkie Kid.


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The ancient and evil Spider Queen emerges from her lair. With the help of a "shadowy" figure, the Spider Queen is SUPERCHARGED, using her power to capture Monkey King and Demon Bull King. It's up to MK and his team to track down ingredients for an antidote to cure the citizens and free the city.[1]


The special starts off with MK and the Monkey King doing a practicing session at a temple close to the mountains. While MK has the upper hand, Monkey King kicks the staff onto the mountain and a pile of rocks fall down on MK, defeating him. Monkey King starts class and teaches MK that he misdirected him by putting himself where he wanted him. Class ends, and as MK was about to leave to meet his friends for the New Year's festival, Monkey King offers MK to watch the fireworks with him.

Pigsy's food truck is standing in a nearby festival. Mei is making dumplings while Pigsy sells his noodles. Pigsy is infuriated that MK did not show up to work and says that if he keeps missing work, he'll be fired. Sandy shows up with a large amount of goodies to share to his friends.

While MK's friends are celebrating New Year's, the Spider Queen starts her plan to use MK's hair and her venom to corrupt the civilians into becoming her slaves. However, when MK's hair wasn't able to work with her venom, the Spider Queen soon receives help from a little girl, who used a potion that was able to activate the robot spiders. She gives the robot spiders a go, and it transforms the scientist she was working with into a Spider Demon. Two other demons were summoned as well.

At the New Year's festival, the Spider Demons started attacking the citizens and corrupting them with their robotic spiders. When MK and Monkey King found out about the Spider Queen's invasion, they attempt to stop her, only for them to fail and the Monkey King getting captured by the Spider Queen in the process.

Red Son and the Demon Bull King are selling street food at the festival. The Shoe Store Assistant complains to Red Son that the spicy food served to him permanently damaged his taste buds. The assistant asks to speak to the manager, which happens to be the Demon Bull King. The assistant changes his mind and runs away. DBK feels insulted working for this job, but Red Son says that he's doing this because he wants a fresh restart. The Arachnoid Base comes in and takes DBK with Spider Queen's web, and before Red Son gets corrupted from a robotic spider, he punches it, grabs a case of the venom, and escapes with his Inferno Jet.

In the Arachnoid Base, the Spider Queen explains to Demon Bull King that she captured him, the Monkey King and other demons to collect their power. Huntsman reported that Red Son got away, and was ordered by her to find him. Lady Bone Demon also suggests that MK should join Monkey King in his capturing.

Pigsy, Tang, Sandy and Mei plan to escape into the ocean with Sandy's boat, until more Spider-Bots appeared and the boat stops working. Red Son tries to escape from the city, but his Inferno Jet gets led by missiles sent from the Arachnoid Base by Syntax. He barely succeeds with one missile hitting the jet. While Sandy tries to find something to get them out, Huntsman and Strong Spider also appear at the dock and asks them to go with them quietly, until MK falls from the sky while trying to escape. Huntsman reports to the Spider Queen that they found him. Sandy finds a remote that activates the Team Dronecopter, and he quickly grabs everyone and throws them and himself onto it and drives it away from the city.

MK explains to everyone that the Monkey King was captured by the Spider Queen and that he has no idea what to do. His friends encourage him, but are interrupted by Red Son falling from the sky. Sandy punches the jet and grabs him by the head. MK's team asks what he's doing here, and he explains that he wants to steal the Dronecopter so he can also save his father from the Spider Queen. He then explains that he has a case of Spider Queen's venom and that he has to go to the Celestial Realm to grab the necessary supplies to make an antidote. After the team argues whether or not to trust Red Son, MK decides that they all should help him as there's no other choice.

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Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Jack De Sena MK
Kimberly Brooks Spider Queen
Kyle McCarley Red Son
Patrick Seitz Sandy
Strong Spider
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Steve Blum Demon Bull King
Shoe Store Assistant
Victoria Grace Lady Bone Demon









Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Wùkōng Xiǎo Xiá Zhī Xīnnián Chú Yāo Jì (悟空小侠之新年除妖记, “Monkie Kid: New Year's Eradication of Monsters”)
    • Part 1: Xīnchūn Dàjí (新春大吉, “Happy New Year”)
    • Part 2: Zhīzhū Xīnnián (蜘蛛新年, “New Year of Spider”)
    • Part 3: Tiāngōng Zhī Chéng (天宫之城 , “Heavenly City”)
    • Part 4: Shènglì Yānhuā (胜利烟花, “Victory Fireworks”)
  • Taiwanese: Zhīzhū Nǚwáng De Fùchóu (蜘蛛女王的復仇, “Spider Queen's Revenge”)
  • Cantonese: Zi1 Zyu1 Zing1 Zi1 Fuk6 Sau4 (蜘蛛精之復仇, “Spider Spirit's Revenge”)
  • Korean: Mongkikideu Sijeun2 Seupesyeol (몽키키드 시즌2 스페셜, “Monkey Kid Season 2 Special”)
    • Part 1: Haepi Nyu Ieo (해피 뉴 이어, “Happy New Year”)
    • Part 2: Seupaideoui Hae (스파이더의 해, “Year of the Spider”)
    • Part 3: Cheongye (천계, “Celestial”)
    • Part 4: Bulkkochnol-i (불꽃놀이, “Fireworks”)
  • Japanese: Saikyō joō! Supaidākuīn no gyakushū (最恐女王!スパイダークイーンの逆襲, “The Scariest Queen! Spider Queen's Counterattack”)


  • The episode is a 44-minute special[2], similarly to "Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born".
    • The episode was produced to be split into 11 minute chunks, just like a normal episode of Monkie Kid. The producers sort parts of the special by four (200a, 200b, 200c, 200d), and the special was released in China and South Korea into four 11-minute parts.
  • This episode was adapted into a comic book series in Monkie Kid Comic Story, books 5 and 6.
  • Before the episode was released, one of the show runners of Monkie Kid, Villads Spangsberg, revealed four scenes of the episode when it was being worked on.[3][4][5][6]
  • When Sandy was looking for the remote to the Team Dronecopter, a plushie of Raphael from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be seen.


  • When Sandy was looking for the remote to the Dronecopter, Mo's tail was orange instead of blue.
  • When MK was about to attack Monkey King with his staff, his logo changed and looked like the one that Macaque put on him. This is because the sequence for this was re-used animation from that same episode.
  • When MK is beaten by the Spider Queen, Monkey King shouting “Kid!” can be heard. However, Monkey King was tied up in the Arachnoid Base at this time.
  • The mysterious girl's true identity was revealed in the credits of the special. Even though it was supposed to be anonymous until "Minor Scale".

Characters' roles


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  • The Spider Queen served as the main antagonist of this special. Her goal to take over the city and exact her revenge upon her enemies can be seen throughout the special. Furthermore, she becomes an associate with Lady Bone Demon.
  • Lady Bone Demon served as the secondary antagonist of this special. She helped the Spider Queen with her problem with the robot spiders and assisted her on the Spider Demons' conquest.
  • Other important antagonists were Huntsman, Strong Spider, and Syntax.
  • The Spider-Bots served as the villainous faction of this special.


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