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Although this article is based on official content, its actual name is an assumption due to the subject not receiving an official title. Until one is revealed, this placeholder title will be used.
“You might have that old fool's staff, but you are not the Monkey King.”
“You're right. I'm the Monkie Kid.”
— The Demon Bull King and MK

The Rise of the Monkie Kid is a final battle where MK prevents the Demon Bull King from taking over Megapolis by retrieving the Golden Staff and stopping him.



After waking up, MK realized that he ended up in Flower Fruit Mountain and discovers an ancient temple while meeting the Monkey King in person. However, when he did, he apologizes to him for losing the Golden Staff until the Monkey King told him that he's been watching him some time ago, as he wanted him to be his successor. When MK doubted that he can defeat the Demon Bull King, the Monkey King told him to believe in himself and get the Golden Staff back.

The Battle

Meanwhile, the others head back to Megapolis to defeat the Demon Bull Family until they encountered Red Son. Before Mei could have the chance to fight him, MK returns to the city and unintentionally crashes to Red Son by using the Cloud Jet. After reuniting with the others, MK says that it's up to them to save the city. After getting the speed bike, MK used it against the Demon Bull King and go inside his armor to get the Golden Staff. Once MK got the staff, he was able to overpower the Demon Bull King until the latter knocked him against a building. As the Demon Bull King stated that MK isn't the Monkey King just because he has the Golden Staff, MK agrees but remarks that he's the Monkie Kid instead. MK then creates the Monkey King Warrior Mech and defeats the Demon Bull King with it.


Despite the Demon Bull Family retreating at the last minute, Mei, Pigsy, Tang, and Sandy congratulated MK and celebrated by going out for noodles.


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