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Roar was a member of the Bull Clones.


Note: Due to most of the Bull Clones being identical in appearance, it is almost impossible to determine who is who in the television series. As such, any appearances of a Bull Clone will be cataloged here, regardless if they are in fact Roar.

Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

Roar and the other Bull Clones wait for Princess Iron Fan and Red Son to free the Demon Bull King until they watch Bob attempting to pull the Golden Staff off the mountain but failed. After Red Son was able to pull the Golden Staff off, Roar and the Bull Clones (sans General Ironclad and Bob) cheered. However, when MK inadvertently used the staff, Roar and the other Bull Clones attempt to take it from him but were overwhelmed when MK used the staff again.

At the Flaming Foundry, Roar made more of the Bull Clones or talked to some of them.

Later, Roar and the other Bull Clones attempt to stop MK's team from entering Megapolis but failed to do so.

Bad Weather

Roar and the other Bull Clones break into the Weather Station to help Red Son take control of the city's weather. When MK and his team attempt to stop Red Son, Roar and the other Bull Clones captured them after MK accidentally injured Mei and Sandy, as he couldn't control his powers.

However, after the Monkey King limited MK's powers, Roar and the other Bull Clones were defeated.

The Great Wall Race

While Red Son was taking with Princess Iron Fan, Roar and the other Bull Clones were digging up the tomb the Demon Bull King discovered.

Skeleton Key

Roar and the other Bull Clones continued to dig up the energy source the Demon Bull King found until one of them was able to dig up the tomb. However, once the tomb was opened, the energy source took possession of the Demon Bull King as well as Roar and the other Bull Clones.

The End is Here!

After MK went to Pigsy's Noodles, Roar and the other Bull Clones attack him but were stopped by MK's Team when they used Pigsy's Food Truck to rammed into Roar and the Bull Clones.

During the Battle of the Flaming Foundry, Roar and the other Bull Clones attack MK's team to prevent them from reaching the Demon Bull King.

After MK freed the Demon Bull King from evil spirit's possession, Roar and the other Bull Clones were freed from the possession as well, but were deactivated as a result.




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Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

Bad Weather

The Great Wall Race

The End is Here!

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