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“Maybe you should've saved your boat for an adventure with more water.”
“Yeah, I, uh, just got excited.”
Mei and Sandy[src]

Sandy's Speedboat is a speedboat that was used by Sandy to rescue Pigsy and Tang from the Spider Queen.


Noodles or Death

After learning that Pigsy and Tang were kidnapped by the Spider Queen, Sandy used his speedboat so he, MK, Mei, and Mo can go to the Silken Web Cave to rescue them. However, once they did, the speedboat got stuck in one of the webs, forcing MK's team to briefly abandon it.

After MK's team confronted the Spider Queen, the Spider Queen tries to attack MK, but only for her to cause a giant hole instead, causing MK's team to fall until Sandy gets an idea to rescue the others by using his speedboat and escaping from the Spider Queen.

LEGO® Building Instructions' description

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Help Sandy and Monkie Kid to rescue Pigsy from the Spider Queen! Jump aboard Sandy’s speedboat... and don't forget Mo the cat. Spin the propellers and power away! Fire the rapid shooter at the Spider Queen’s mech. Join the battle with Monkie Kid on his Cloud Board. Attack with Sandy’s mighty Crescent Staff and Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff. Defeat the Queen then free Pigsy from her Silken Web Cave!



Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Shā Dàlì Xùnléi Zhàn Tǐng (沙大力迅雷戰艇 “Sha Dali Thunder Warship”)


  • Unlike speedboats in real-life, Sandy's Speedboat is able to go on land, as seen in its debut episode.


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