Season 2

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Season 2 is the second season of LEGO Monkie Kid.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Billy Kametz Macaque
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
Zhu Ganglie
Rhino King
David Chen Tang
Tang Sanzeng
Game Voice
Gwendoline Yeo Princess Iron Fan
Jack De Sena MK
Speedy Panda driver
Kimberly Brooks Spider Queen
Kyle McCarley Red Son
Patrick Seitz Sandy
Strong Spider
Sha Wujing
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Monkey King cardboard cutout
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Steve Blum Demon Bull King
Shoe Store Assistant
Victoria Grace Lady Bone Demon
Demon Accountant
TBA Guardians of Knowledge


No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
11 1
Sleep Bug.png
"Sleep Bug" May 1, 2021 (Australia) 201
A new game sweeps across the city, but instead of fun and frivolity, the game is a virus that knocks out everyone who plays it.
12 2
Dumpling Destruction.png
"Dumpling Destruction" May 1, 2021 (Australia) 202
MK gets a call from Monkey King who has accidentally knocked over a 'Celestial Dumpling'.
13 3
Pig Pong Panic.png
"Pig Pong Panic" May 8, 2021 (Australia) 203
Pigsy has replaced the Monkey Mech game with Ping Pong and gets wildly addicted.
14 4
Sweet'n Sour.png
"Sweet 'n' Sour" May 8, 2021 (Australia) 204
Speedy Panda stores have appeared everywhere along with their biker gang delivery boys.
15 5
Minor Scale.jpg
"Minor Scale" May 15, 2021 (Australia) 205
MK accidentally shrinks himself and falls down the drain, into the sewers, and finds himself back in the lair of the Spider Queen.
16 6
Game On.jpg
"Game On" May 15, 2021 (Australia) 206
MK finds a VR video game that emulates the Monkey King's battles.
17 7
Shadow Play.png
"Shadow Play" May 22, 2021 (Australia) 207
Our heroes attend a shadow play, secretly run by the Macaque.
18 8
To Catch a Leaf.png
"To Catch a Leaf" May 22, 2021 (Australia) 208
MK has got a bad case of the hiccups that cause giant earthquakes.
19 9
72 Transformation.png
"72 Transformations" May 29, 2021 (Australia) 209
MK has learned the power of transformation! Kind of... When Spider-Bots steal Pigsy's sign, MK needs to use his new powers to get it back.
20 10
This is the End.png
"This is the End!" May 29, 2021 (Australia) 210
After gathering all the secret ingredients, Lady Bone Demon creates a powerful bone mech which she uses to attack MK while he is out training.


No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
Revenge of the Spider Queen.jpeg
"Revenge of the Spider Queen" March 27, 2021 (Malaysia)
The ancient and evil Spider Queen emerges from her lair. With the help of a "shadowy" figure, the Spider Queen is SUPERCHARGED, using her power to capture Monkey King and Demon Bull King. It's up to MK and his team to track down ingredients for an antidote to cure the citizens and free the city.[2]



  • One of the showrunners of LEGO Monkie Kid revealed several sneak peeks of "Revenge of the Spider Queen", "Sleep Bug", "Pig Pong Panic", and "This is the End!" when they were working.[3][4][5][6]
  • The season began with a 44-minute special[7], not all episodes were released together.[8]
  • This is the first season to have episodes air in an English-speaking country before it reaches China first (aside from the special, which was released more than a month earlier before the special aired in English).



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