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Season 3 is the third season of Monkie Kid. The show was renewed for a second and third season on July 27th, 2020 after the premiere of the pilot[1], and was also confirmed by Villads Spangsberg via Instagram.[2] On January 9, 2022, the trailer for Season 3 was released in China, and the season finally premiered on April 17, 2022 in Hong Kong. The season contains ten episodes.

Official descriptions

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MK and the team embark on their own journey to the West in search of 3 powerful Fire Rings to defeat the Bone Demon. Can the Evil Macaque and his army of Shadow Monkeys stop them? The race is on![3]

Season description

On a Journey to the West, our heroes search for a weapon - The Samadhi Fire to defeat Lady Bone Demon. Ancient secrets are revealed as the heroes embrace their destiny![4]


Voice Actor Role(s)
Billy Kametz Macaque
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
Zhu Bajie
David Chen Tang
Tang Sanzeng
Emi Lo Chang'e
Bunny mech
Jack De Sena MK
James Sie Dragon of the East
Johnny Yong Bosch Ne Zha
Kyle McCarley Red Son
Michael Sinterniklaas Goldfish Demon
Michaela Dietz Scorpion Queen
Patrick Seitz Sandy
Store Owner
Sha Wujing
White Dragon Horse
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Infant Red Son
Steve Blum Demon Bull King
Victoria Grace Lady Bone Demon
Demon Accountant


No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
21 1 S03E01 TC.jpg "On the Run" Hong Kong April 17, 2022 301
Our heroes are on the run after escaping from the Lady Bone Demon. They need to track down a powerful weapon to beat her, but Macaque has other plans.
22 2 S03E02 TC.jpg "Great Grand Dragon of the East" Hong Kong April 17, 2022 302
The heroes are captured by the Dragon of the East, Mei's distant uncle! It's up to her to save her friends before Macaque catches up!
23 3 S03E03 TC.jpg "Smartie Kid" Hong Kong April 24, 2022 303
When their van breaks down in the desert, the heroes are stranded! Their only hope is to play the crafty Goldfish Demon's game show...
24 4 S03E04 TC.jpg "The Winning Side" Hong Kong April 24, 2022 304
After a pit stop to train, the heroes get back on the road. Strangely, MK notices they’re headed East, not West! Something is very, very wrong.
25 5 S03E05 TC.jpg "Amnesia Rules" Hong Kong May 1, 2022 305
Jolted from mystic-meditation, Monkey King is convinced he's his younger self! When Tang is kidnapped, it's Young Monkey King and Pigsy to the rescue!
26 6 S03E06 TC.jpg "The First Ring" Hong Kong May 1, 2022 306
MK, Mei and Sandy find themselves stranded in the desert. However, a familiar figure arrives to save them.
27 7 S03E07 TC.jpg "Cooking with Chang'e" Hong Kong May 8, 2022 307
Watching Pigsy’s favourite cooking show, “Cooking with Chang'e”, MK realises the second ring is there in her kitchen... On the moon!
28 8 S03E08 TC.jpg "Benched" Hong Kong May 8, 2022 308
To claim the final ring, the heroes need to... win a talent show? OKAY! Stuck as band manager, Tang isn't just going to sit around and wait!
29 9 S03E09 TC.jpg "The King, the Prince, and the Shadow" Hong Kong May 15, 2022 309
Monkey King holds off Ne Zha while MK and the others take the rings to a mystic mountain. When Macaque arrives, things go from bad to worse!
30 10 S03E10 TC.jpg "The Samadhi Fire" Hong Kong May 15, 2022 310
Long kept secrets come out as the Samadhi Fire is reforged. Something terrible is happening to Mei, and the heroes' team is pushed to breaking point!



  • This will be the last season Villads Spangsberg and Jeremy Adams will be involved as showrunner/executive producer, with the show being ran by new people afterwards.[2][5]
  • A preview of "On the Run" was shown off at the end of a Behind the Scenes video on March 19, 2022.[6]



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