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“You're right. That is enough. You know, you are just that bit too much like him. But it's good to see there's some potential.”
Macaque to MK

Shadow Play is the seventh episode of Season 2 and the seventeenth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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Our heroes attend a shadow play, secretly run by the Macaque. Using a magical lantern, he imprisons the other heroes to toy with MK.[1]


MK, Mei, Pigsy, and Tang attend in a shadow play called The Hero and the Warrior. While waiting, MK and Mei recognize the Mayor as the same guy who gave them the Skeleton Key. Once the play was about to start, MK left to get snacks. Unknownest to him, the puppeteer used a magic lantern to trap the others inside. When MK returned, he watches the play and assumed that the characters are referring to him and Monkey King.

After watching the play, MK wonders if he is the warrior from the story and asked the puppeteer what happened to the character in the story. Suddenly, "Monkey King" appears right next to MK and laughs at him once he mentioned that he can't face the Lady Bone Demon all by himself. Angered, MK attempts to hit Monkey King, but had his punch block by him. He soon figures out that the puppeteer was Macaque along.

After MK realized that he accidentally revealed all of his insecurities with Macaque about the Lady Bone Demon and the thoughts of being the wrong successor to the Monkey King, the latter uses the lantern to make MK fight the shadow versions of Mei, Pigsy, and Tang. But during the fight, Macaque breaks the magic lantern and leaves, freeing MK's friends. When MK asked him why he broke the lamp, Macaque explained to him that he did because wanted to see him suffer until he learned that MK was already doing to himself. MK then realized that Macaque is the warrior from the story along, and was warned by him that he's not ready for what's going to happen next.

Later, Macaque returns to the theater to get the lantern back, but gets confronted by the Mayor, who wants the lantern as one of the ingredients to the bone mech and bring him to the Lady Bone Demon.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Billy Kametz Macaque
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Jack De Sena MK
Sean Schemmel Macaque (as the Monkey King)
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Steve Blum Mayor
Victoria Grace Lady Bone Demon










Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Chinese Zhì Pò Mèiyǐng Jūn​​ (智破魅影君​​​ “Outsmarting The Phantom Lord”)
Japanese Hikari to Yami, Kiddo no Mayoi​​ (光と闇、キッドの迷い “Light and Darkness, MK's Hesitation”)
Taiwanese Píyǐngxì​​ (皮影戲​​​ “Shadow Play”)
Cantonese Pei4 Jing2 Hei3​​ (皮影戲​​​ “Shadow Play”)
Korean Geulimja Yeongeug (그림자 연극​​​ “Shadow Play”)
French Théâtre d'ombres (“Shadow Theater”)
German Schattenspiel (​​​“Shadow Play”)


  • This is the seventh episode to be released before it reaches China.

Characters' roles


  • MK serves as the main focus character in this episode. After witnessing a shadow play about The Hero and the Warrior, MK began to feel like he's the warrior from the story due to the recent events that occurred. However, he soon realizes that Macaque is the warrior from the story and battled him until he destroyed the lantern.
  • Mei, Pigsy, and Tang joined MK in a shadow play as a break for MK. However, while MK was gone, they were captured by Macaque and had their shadows used by him to battle MK.


  • Macaque served as the main villain in this episode. When MK and his team attend in a shadow play, Macaque traps Mei, Pigsy, and Tang by using his magic lantern and later told a story being based on him and the Monkey King. After he learned about MK's recent lack of confidence, he used Mei, Pigsy, and Tang's shadows to torment MK until he destroyed the lantern. He later warned MK about what would happen next before being confronted by the Mayor.
  • While at the theater, MK and Mei recognized the Mayor as the one who gave them the Skeleton Key. Unbeknownst to them, the Mayor meets up with Macaque to take the magic lantern for Lady Bone Demon.


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