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“Has anyone heard the story of... the Sleep Bug?”

Sleep Bug is the first episode of Season 2 and the eleventh episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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A new game sweeps across the city, but instead of fun and frivolity, the game is a virus that knocks out everyone who plays it.[1]


The Spider Queen gets mad about her recent defeat until the mysterious girl tells her that they need a special artifact for their plan, which was at the Cloud. After hearing about the Cloud, Syntax convinces the Spider Queen to let him go there to get the artifact, claiming that he can use his tech skills to take advantage of the Cloud, and creates a game called Sleep Bug to distract the citizens during the process.

Meanwhile at Flower Fruit Mountain, the Monkey King tells MK that he's leaving, as he wanted to go on vacation after he chose MK to be his successor. While MK complains that something bad could happen, the Monkey King tells him not to worry and that he needed to take care of himself on his next journey. Once Monkey King left, MK briefly gets mad at him and went to Pigsy's Noodles to complained to his friends about Monkey King leaving, only to find them, along with the other citizens of Megapolis, asleep.

Sometime later, MK was with a sleeping Pigsy until he received another notification about Sleep Bug. He soon realized that the game caused everyone to fall asleep and decided to go to the Cloud to get rid of the game. Unbeknownst to MK, once he left, he accidentally caused Pigsy to go downhill after he went to the Cloud.

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Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
Guardian 1
Jack De Sena MK
Game Monster
Kimberly Brooks Spider Queen
Guardian 2
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Victoria Grace Mysterious girl










Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Kēshuì Chóng Lái Xí (瞌睡虫来袭 “Sleepy Bugs are Coming”)
Cantonese Seoi6 Cung4 (睡蟲 “Sleep Bug”)
Taiwanese Kēshuì Bìngdú (瞌睡病毒 “Sleepy Virus”)
Japanese Nemuri tsuku machi, surīpubagu o oe! (眠りつく街、スリープバグを追え! “Sleeping City, Chase the Sleep Bug!”)
Korean Jambeolle (잠벌래 “Bedbug”)
French Dodo Bogue (“Sleepy Bug”)
German Der Schlaf-Virus (“The Sleep Virus”)
Hebrew חרק שינה (“A Sleep Bug”)


  • This is the first episode to be released before it reaches China.
  • This episode was adapted into a comic book one month before the Chinese premiere of the episode, in Monkie Kid Comic Story 6.
  • This is one of the few Season 2 episodes that one of the showrunners of Monkie Kid revealed when they were working on the episodes.[2][3]


  • In the Television New Zealand and Amazon websites, the episode is titled, "The Sleep Bug", instead.

Characters' roles


  • MK serves as the main focus character for this episode.
  • Mei, Pigsy, and Tang supporting but minor roles in this episode. Due to not knowing the truth about Sleep Bug, they all played the game and were put to sleep due to its effects. In the end, they all get mad at MK, who claimed that nothing bad happened after he saved the city, despite being indirectly responsible for putting Pigsy in a cast.


  • Syntax serves as the main villain of this episode. Upon discovering that one of the six artifacts that the Spider Demons needed was at the Cloud, Syntax convinced the Spider Queen to let him go there due to his tech skills. Furthermore, he uses a game titled Sleep Bug to put the Guardians of Knowledge and everyone else to sleep so he could steal one of the six artifacts that would help the Spider Queen conquer the city.


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