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Sleep Bug[src]

Sleep Bug was a game that was used by Syntax.


Sleep Bug

After realizing that one of the six items that would create the bone mech was at the Cloud, Syntax created Sleep Bug to make the Guardians of Knowledge and the people of Megapolis fall asleep. Once MK learned the truth of the game, he head toward the Cloud to get rid of it. After confronting the Game Monster, MK used a book to destroy it, waking up everyone who played the game.

Alternate versions

Game Monster

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Main article: Game Monster

The Game Monster was the living embodiment of Sleep Bug. After MK learned that the game was making everyone fall asleep, MK confronted the Game Monster to destroy it.


Monkie Kid

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Kēshuì Chóng (瞌睡虫 “Sleepy Bug”)
  • Japanese: Surīpubagu (スリープバグ “Sleep Bug”)
  • Korean: Jambeolle (잠벌레 “Bedbug”)
  • Taiwanese: Kēshuì Chóngchóng (瞌睡蟲蟲 “Sleepy Buggy”)
  • Cantonese: Shuì Chóng (睡蟲 “Sleep Bug”)



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