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Snort is a member of the Bull Clones.


Note: Due to most of the Bull Clones being identical in appearance, it is almost impossible to determine who is who in the television series. As such, any appearances of a Bull Clone will be cataloged here, regardless if they are in fact Snort.

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Snort and the other Bull Clones wait for Princess Iron Fan and Red Son to free the Demon Bull King until they watch Bob attempting to pull the Golden Staff off the mountain but failed. After Red Son was able to pull the Golden Staff off, Snort and the Bull Clones (sans General Ironclad and Bob) cheered. However, when MK inadvertently used the staff, Snort and the other Bull Clones attempt to take it from him but were overwhelmed when MK used the staff again.

At the Flaming Foundry, Snort made more of the Bull Clones or talked to some of them.

Later, Snort and the other Bull Clones attempt to stop MK's Team from entering the City but failed to do so.

Season 1

Bad Weather

Snort and the other Bull Clones break into the Weather Station to help Red Son take control of the city's weather. When MK and his team attempt to stop Red Son, Snort and the other Bull Clones captured them after MK accidentally injured Mei and Sandy, as he couldn't control his powers.

However, after the Monkey King limited MK's powers, Snort and the other Bull Clones were defeated.

Great Wall Contest



LEGO Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Season 1




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