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This article is considered non-canon to the Monkie Kid storyline due to it
never appearing in the TV series.

Spindrax is a Spider Demoness that works for the Spider Queen.



Spindrax is a lavender-skinned Spider Demon with four eyes and black spiky hair.


Spindrax wears a black and purple motorcycle jumpsuit with purple shoulder pads, a silver zipper and lime green designs on the front and purple gloves. She also has lime green spider-shaped kneepads as well as purple boots and a black motorbike helmet with a purple and lime green visor.



Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Jī Yǐng (姬影 “Lady Shadow”)


Behind the scenes

  • According to Villads Spangsberg, the reason Spindrax didn't appear in the show was because of priorities, as the Monkie Kid crew prefer the Strong Spider better.[1]


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