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“I may not understand your irrational love for noodles, or working hard, or being angry all the time, but you are always there when I need you. So it's time for me to return the favor, because Pigsy's Noodles are noodles worth fighting for!”
MK, to Pigsy

Sweet 'n' Sour is the fourth episode of Season 2 and the fourteenth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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Speedy Panda stores have appeared everywhere along with their biker gang delivery boys.[1]


After MK got attack by a group of Speedy Panda drivers, he and Pigsy started talking about Speedy Panda and Pigsy's Noodles until they received a note from Speedy Panda about them challenging Pigsy's Noodles to Food Wars, and Pigsy accepted.

At the Food Wars arena, Pigsy and MK waited for the first challenge and soon realized that the owners of Speedy Panda are the Gold and Silver Demons, who plan to put Pigsy's Noodles out of business so they can get rid of MK.

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After the two teams were done, the Commentator revealed the three judges, Princess Iron Fan, a cardboard cutout of Monkey King, and Tang. When Pigsy realized this, he began to worry that Tang would vote against him as an act of revenge for mistreating him. However, after Princess Iron Fan and Tang tried out Pigsy's noodles, Tang voted for Pigsy's while Princess Iron Fan voted for Speedy Panda, despite the latter loving Pigsy's noodles more than Jin and Yin's dim sum. When the Monkey King cardboard cutout broke down and fell on Pigsy's noodle soup, MK quickly said that "Monkey King" endorsed Pigsy's Noodles, letting him and Pigsy win the second round.

Eventulally, the Gold and Silver Demons declared that the loser of the third round has to permanently shut down their food store, and Pigsy agreed, claiming that he and MK are going to win. However, Pigsy learned that the third challenge is a robot battle, and that he and MK have to use the former's food truck to battle Jin and Yin's Panda Bot. After Pigsy began to think that he was going to lose his shop, MK tells him that he's going to return the favor, claiming that Pigsy's Noodles are noodles worth fight for. MK soon created the Noodle Tank by using the Golden Staff and Pigsy's Food Truck. And the two restaurants, along with Tang and the Monkey King cardboard cutout, began to fight. But the Demon Accountant stop both sides to tell the Gold and Silver Demons that all their money was spent on the Panda Bot. As a result, Speedy Panda got bankrupt and Pigsy's Noodles won.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Gwendoline Yeo Princess Iron Fan
Jack De Sena MK
Speedy Panda driver
Sean Schemmel Monkey King cardboard cutout
Victoria Grace Demon Accountant










Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Měishí Duì Kuàicān​ (美食对快餐​​ “Gourmet vs. Fast Food​​”)
Taiwanese Suān Suān Tián Tián​​​ (酸酸甜甜​​ “Sour and Sweet​​”)
Cantonese Tim4 Jyu5 Syun1 (甜與酸 “Sweet and Sour​​”)
Japanese Gekitō Fūdobatoru! Umai no wa Dotchida (激闘フードバトル!ウマいのはどっちだ “​​Fierce Food Battle! Which One is More Delicious”)
Korean Eumsig Daegyeol (음식 대결 “Food Showdown”)
French Aigre-doux (“Bittersweet”)
German Süß-Sauer (“Sweet-and-Sour”)
Hebrew חמוץ מתוק (“Sweet and Sour”)


  • This is the fourth episode to be released before it reaches China.
  • This episode was adapted into a comic book in Monkie Kid Comic Story 7.

"Pig Pong Panic" and "Minor Scale" featured on the Demon Accountant's clipboard


  • The episode is titled "Sweet'n Sour" in some sources.
  • When the Gold and Silver Demons were revealed to be the owners of Speedy Panda, Jin was on the left side while Yin was on the right. However, after they described themselves as MK's worst enemies, the two switched places.

Characters' roles


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