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“You're pushing yourself too hard, MK. Working all day, partying all night, painting boats? It's not good for a growing boy. You need to time to relax.”
— Tang

Tang is a member of MK's Team.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

After telling MK a story about the Demon Bull King's imprisonment, Tang reminds him about his free meal for telling the story, but only for Pigsy to stop him by taking the noodles away. However, when Pigsy was distracted, Tang ate the noodles but was attacked by Pigsy when he noticed.

At night, when MK told Tang about the Demon Bull King being free, Tang didn't believe him at first and told him that he was being delusional until MK used the Golden Staff again, causing Tang to get excited until Mei told him and the others about the Demon Bull King being at the Shoe Store.

The next day, Pigsy took Tang and the others to a former solider named Sandy, who offered Tang a cup of tea.

Later, while MK, Mei, and Pigsy went to the Flaming Mountains, Tang and Sandy stayed behind at the latter's boat. After MK was presumably killed by Princess Iron Fan, Tang told Pigsy they can't help MK, but are able to save everyone else from the Demon Bull Family.

When Tang and the others returned to the city, they fought off the Bull Clones until they found out MK was alive. After the Demon Bull King was defeated, Tang and the others congratulated MK and celebrated by going out for noodles after Tang suggested the idea.

Season 1

Bad Weather

A week later, Tang was having time off at Sandy's Cargo Ship until Pigsy yells at him. However, when a crate falls on MK, Tang was shocked to see what happened until MK reveals that he's alright. After Mei says that every hero should have a base, she takes Tang and the others inside Sandy's Cargo Ship to show them their new headquarters, making Tang question Sandy that wasn't he building a headquarters for MK as well.

When Tang and the others notices that Red Son was taking control of the Weather Station, they head to the Weather Station to stop him. However, due to MK still not having complete control of his powers, Tang and the others were captured until MK was able to defeat Red Son and the Bull Clones by electrifying them with the lightning button. After Red Son was defeated, Tang attempts to free himself.


When Tang notices MK's problem, he tells MK that he shouldn't work too hard. However, when MK says he can't, Tang mentions the Monkey King's replication powers and shows MK an example of how to do so, causing another MK to appear.

After Pigsy knows about the clones, Tang pretends to be unaware of it and tells MK how to get rid of them.

Noodles or Death

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At Pigsy's Noodles, Tang was eating a bowl of noodles until MK runs in after being freed from the Calabash. However, when MK said that he's glad that Tang, Mei, and Pigsy aren't perfect, Tang and the others get mad at MK and remarked that they are perfect.

The Great Wall Race

When Pigsy questions MK and Mei about the Peaches of Immortality, Tang tells him about a story about the Monkey King and the peaches. Soon, When MK asks Tang who's the better driver between him and Mei, Tang quickly runs off after MK learned that he was rooting for Mei.

Later on, Tang and Pigsy watch MK and Mei competing in the Great Wall Race.

Impossible Delivery

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Skeleton Key

At Pigsy's Noodles, Tang watches the Mayor presenting the key to the city to MK.

The End is Here!

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  • Tang is one of Simon Lucas' favorite characters in the show.[1]
  • Tang is known for having a habit of eating noodles.
  • In "Noodles or Death", it was revealed that Tang considers himself as a father figure to MK.


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