“You're pushing yourself too hard, MK. Working all day, partying all night, painting boats? It's not good for a growing boy. You need to time to relax.”
— Tang

Tang is a member of MK's team. After the Demon Bull King was freed from his imprisonment, Tang was one of the four members that assisted MK to help him give the Golden Staff to the Monkey King. However, after MK's presumed death in the Flaming Mountains, Tang and the others were saddened, but had no other choice but to go on without MK, so no one else would get hurt by the Demon Bull Family. Eventually, Tang and the others found out that MK survived and celebrated when he defeated the Demon Bull King.

After several weeks, when the Demon Bull King and the Bull Clones took over the city after being possessed by Lady Bone Demon, Tang supported MK by helping him fend off the Bull Clones while MK freed the Demon Bull King from the spirit's possession.

When the Spider Queen and her robotic spiders started taking control of the civilians at New Year's, Tang and the rest of MK's team teamed up with Red Son to travel to the Celestial Realm to look for an antidote that can cure the civilians.


As a storyteller, Tang often likes telling stories to MK and the rest of his team, such as the Demon Bull King's imprisonment and the Peaches of Immortality. He also has a habit of eating noodles, as he told stories about Monkey King to MK so he can get free noodles in return, despite Pigsy not allowing him to. Like MK, Tang also has an obsession with the Monkey King's legends, as he got overjoyed when he met Monkey King in person and learned that the Golden Staff was real.

Appearance & Variants


Tang is an adult with smooth black hair that is comb sideways.

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  • Tunic: Tang wears a two-colored tunic that has the left side white and the other side red, and has gold clasps in the middle. He also wears a red scarf and black boots.
  • Mei fan: In his "Mei fan" attire, Tang wears a white and teal colored scarf and a dragon hat with his tunic.
  • Apocalypse: While MK was with Macaque during the Demon Bull King's takeover, Tang had an apocalyptic-like outfit, which was a damaged version of his tunic. However, he had on golden goggles instead of glasses. He also had a brown sash that had several medical equipment.


Minifigure Show Differences
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  • Tang is one of Simon Lucas' favorite characters in the show.[1]
  • Tang is known for having a habit of eating noodles.
  • In "Noodles or Death", it was revealed that Tang considers himself as a father figure to MK.


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