Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

  • The thing you need to know about the old legends is that the story is never finished. They're maybe no pages left to turn, but there is always more to the journey.
  • Rising from the Netherworld, the Demon Bull King attacked.
  • No one could stop him, no one could resist, no one except...the legendary Monkey King.
  • The Monkey King uses his magical staff, picked up a nearby mountain, he trapped the Demon Bull King underneath it. The Monkey King sealed it with a staff no other being could wield, trapping the Demon Bull King forever.
  • With the battle won, the Monkey King vanished, never to be seen again.
  • Legend says the staff stills lies on top of the mountain, the one thing keeping our world from certain destruction.
  • And with the Demon Bull King gone, civilization was able to advance to the amazing city we now live in. A world of elegant cultures, gentle loving people, a city with five-star cuisine, and all because of the Monkey King.
  • Oh, MK. And you thought you knew all of the Monkey King's stories.
  • Nice to know someone's taking in all these stories. Pearls of wisdom, dripping from my lips. Well, you know the deal: One story, one free bowl of Zha jiang mian.
  • Ah, but Pigsy. I was paying with wisdom.
  • No, Pigsy!
  • Yes. What about it?
  • Boy, relax. You're getting spill in my soup. Besides, you're delusional. It's just a story.
  • Monkey King's staff! I knew it all along! The legendary weapon that only he could wield to seal away evil!
  • Wait a minute. Why do you have it?
  • What?!
  • Pigsy, watch where you're going! You're gonna kill us!
  • Indeed. However, Flower Fruit Mountain is hidden away, deep in dangerous and unknown territory. So I guess we better turn back!
  • Yes. Don't mind if I do.
  • Certain noodle shop owners could learn a lot from your hospitality, Sandy.
  • There was nothing we could do.
  • It's not over. We can't help MK, but we can make sure no more lives are lost. Make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain.
  • Oh no! Their secret weapon: barrels!
  • And how are we meant to fight that?!
  • Monkie Kid, didn't you say.
  • Or we go eat some noodles.

Season 1

Bad Weather

  • Oh, piggy, relax. A little time off never hurt anyone.
  • Say, Sandy. Weren't you building a secret base for MK, too?
  • Oh no! You killed him!


  • Wou, MK. You like hot garbage. Tired?
  • You're pushing yourself too hard, MK. Working all day, partying all night, painting boats? It's not good for a growing boy. You need to time to relax.
  • Too bad you can't make duplicates of yourself like Monkey King.
  • You know, one of Monkey King's 72 transformations.
  • Pluck out some hair. Blow on it.
  • And some monkey's pop out.
  • Yep. A perfect clone of you pops out. Exactly what I said would happen.
  • Hmm. If I wasn't so relaxed and cool, I'd probably be really worried about the consequences of this.
  • Please help.
  • So you're gonna clean this mess up?
  • Hmm, I don't know.
  • Try some pressure points or some wavy kung fu.
  • Well, looks like everything's back to normal.

Noodles or Death

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  • What?!
  • I am so to am perfect. You got dumb brain, that's what you got.

The Great Wall Race

  • If you allow me.
  • Legend says there's a sacred field of trees which grows in the heavenly realm, protected by the gods themselves. Every few thousand years, these trees bring forth the Peaches of Immortality. Against the wishes of the heavenly host, the Monkey King took them all, making himself immortal.
  • This is very uncomfortable.

The End is Here!

  • Oh, he's been super useful.
  • If you allow me.
  • Well, after you left, the Bull Clones attacked. But they were different, more powerful than before. We believed it's all tied bat to the Demon Bull King himself. MK…he's conquered everything.
  • You thought you were going without us?
  • Look! There! D.B.K.'s throne room! It's gotta be down there!
  • I'm sure it's fine. You were done with this.
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