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“You have been an utter disappointment. I had hoped you would've learned more of the Great Sage's little tricks.”
— The Demon Bull King

The End is Here! is the tenth and final episode of Season 1 and the tenth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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When MK discovers DBK has taken over the city, he must use everything he's learned to defeat the family that causes him so much trouble![1]


MK & His Team.jpeg
After training with the Monkey King, MK headed back to Pigsy's Noodles to tell the others that he got back but instead, he came across the Bull Clones and was about to be attacked by them. Despite this, MK was rescued by the others when they used Pigsy's Food Truck to ram into the Bull Clones. After founding out that the Demon Bull King and the Bull Clones conquered Megapolis while he was gone, MK and his team head over to the mountain to stop the Demon Bull Family.
LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep10-03-32.jpeg
Once they arrived at the Flaming Foundry, MK attempt to go there by himself, but the others stated that they're gonna help him due to them being his team. While entering the foundry, Pigsy, Tang, and Sandy fought off the Bull Clones while MK and Mei attempt to enter the throne room but soon realized that deep the fall was.
When Red Son tried to tell the Demon Bull King that he can get rid of MK and Mei for him, he was instead laughed at by him and was told that he did nothing but failed. Moments later, the Demon Bull King accused Red Son of being a traitor and attempt to attack him. However, Princess Iron Fan stopped him and told him that the power was changing him. The Demon Bull King doesn't listen and accused her of being a traitor as well.
LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep10-06-14.jpeg
Meanwhile, MK and Mei learned that they were surrounded by the zombie Bull Clones and were about to be attacked by them. Although, they both got the idea to use the Monkey King Warrior Mech to fight off the Bull Clones after Mei received a phone update. While Mei used the mech to fight off the Bull Clones, MK entered the Flaming Foundry, but the Demon Bull King continued to think that MK was Monkey King and started to attack him. However, Princess Iron Fan immobilized him long enough for her to tell MK about the Demon Bull King's power source.
LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep10-07-58.jpeg
After the Demon Bull King got up, Princess Iron Fan and Red Son attempted to stop him but failed. Although, before they were harmed by him, "MK" threw a rock at the Demon Bull King but was grabbed by him. The Demon Bull King told "MK" that he expected more after learning from Monkey King just before destroying him. However, DBK realized that the MK he destroyed was a clone while the real MK and several other MK Clones attacked the Demon Bull King, destroying the canisters that contained the power source and freeing the Demon Bull King and the Bull Clones from the Mysterious Whisperer's possession.
LEGO Monkie Kid-S1Ep10-09-22.jpeg
Moments later after the Demon Bull Family left, MK was saved by Mei, who used the Monkey King Warrior Mech to rescue him from a boulder. After the battle, MK's team was celebrating their victory by having noodles. MK, however, told the others that he wasn't sure if he didn't exactly defeated the Demon Bull King, as he noticed that the Demon Bull King was different than before. Unbeknownst to anyone, the Mysterious Whisperer roamed Megapolis and possessed a little girl.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Gwendoline Yeo Princess Iron Fan
Jack De Sena MK
Backup Clone
Kyle McCarley Red Son
Patrick Seitz Sandy
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Mysterious Whisperer
Steve Blum Demon Bull King
Bull Clones
Victoria Grace Little girl









Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Zhōngjí Yī Zhàn (终极一战 “Ultimate Battle”)
  • Taiwanese: Mòrì Láilín (末日來臨 “The End is Coming”)
  • Cantonese: Dou3 ci2 wai4 zi2! (到此為止﹗ “The End is Here!”)
  • Korean: Jongmal-ui Wigi (종말의 위기 “Apocalypse”)
  • Japanese: Dai bōsō! Shihai sa reta dēmon burukingu (大暴走!支配されたデーモン・ブルキング “Great Runaway! Dominated Demon Bull King”)
  • French: La fin est proche (“The End is Near”)
  • German: Das Ende ist nah (“The End is Near”)



  • In the Television New Zealand website, the episode is titled, "The End is Near", instead.

Characters' roles


  • MK serves as the main protagonist of this episode.
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  • The Demon Bull King serves as the main antagonist of this episode. After getting possessed by the Mysterious Whisperer, he used his new power to take over Megapolis. However, he was later persuaded by the Mysterious Whisperer to turn against Princess Iron Fan and Red Son and attack MK. Eventually, he was freed from the spirit's possession after MK destroyed the canisters from his armor.
  • The Mysterious Whisperer serves as the secondary antagonist of this episode. Sometime after the Demon Bull King conquered Megapolis, the Mysterious Whisperer tried to get him to attack his family and MK. Although she failed due to MK's interference, the Mysterious Whisperer escaped and possessed a little girl.
  • The Bull Clones served as the villainous faction of this episode. Along with the Demon Bull King, the Bull Clones were possessed by the Mysterious Whisperer and conquered Megapolis during MK's absence. After MK defeated the Demon Bull King, the Bull Clones were freed from the Mysterious Whisperer's possession as well, but were deactivated as a result.


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