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“Fine! You two stay here in your hole, digging up your "mysterious power source." I am going to win the race and when I get that peach, I'm not sharing!”
Red Son

The Great Wall Race is the sixth episode of Season 1 and the sixth episode overall of Monkie Kid.


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Mei and MK enter a street race that will grant the winner "immortality" but a disagreement has them competing against each other.


After hearing MK mentioning a Peach of Immortality, Pigsy questions him and Mei on what they were talking about, causing MK and Mei to get mad at Pigsy for not knowing what the Peaches of Immortality are. Tang then explains that the Immortal Peaches grew in the heavenly realm and were protected by the gods before being taken by the Monkey King so he can become immortal. When Pigsy said that he thought that the Monkey King was already immortal, Mei says that doesn't matter and that the winner of the next Great Wall Race will win an Immortal Peach.

Meanwhile, Red Son tells the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan about the prize of the Great Wall Race. However, when the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan rejected Red Son's idea about winning an Immortal Peach, Red Son leaves in frustration and decided to win the Peach of Immortality for himself. Although, the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan changed their minds at the last minute so they can beat their son at the race.

After getting into an argument about who would win the race, MK and Mei challenge each other at who's the better racer. As the race was about to start, they meet up with Red Son and the Gold and Silver Demons. However, as the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined, majority of the racers and the commentator fled, giving Jin and Yin a chance of being the commentators and change the racetrack. Once the race started, MK, Mei, and Red Son were able to go through the race just fine while DBK and Princess Iron Fan had to go through a mountain instead, as they weren't able to make one of the race's quick turns.

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When MK accidentally destroyed the two vehicles, he apologizes to Mei for getting carried away and soon gets the idea to create the Cloud Roadster for the both of them. While the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan had to quit the race after the former remembered his imprisonment, MK and Mei were able to cross the finish line after creating the Cloud Roadster and beat Red Son.

After the race ended, Red Son claimed that he should've won the race to MK and Mei. However, he and MK soon realized that Peach of Immortality was actually just a regular trophy, and the "immortality" actually represents the winner having a picture taken of them on the Great Wall.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Dave B. Mitchell Pigsy
David Chen Tang
Gwendoline Yeo Princess Iron Fan
Jack De Sena MK
Kyle McCarley Red Son
Sean Schemmel Monkey King
Stephanie Sheh Mei
Mysterious Whisperer
Steve Blum Demon Bull King









Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Chángchéng Dàsài (长城大赛 “Great Wall Contest”)
  • Taiwanese: Yǒngshēng Sàichē (永生賽車 “Immortal Racing”)
  • Cantonese: Coeng4 Sing4 Coi3 Ce1 (長城賽車 “Great Wall Racing”)
  • Korean: Manlijangseong leiseu (만리장성 레이스 “Great Wall Race”)
  • Japanese: Bakusō rēsu! Densetsu no momo o te ni irero! (爆走レース!伝説の桃を手に入れろ! “Speed Race! Get the Legendary Peach”)
  • French: La grande course (“The Great Race”)
  • German: Das Große Rennen (“The Big Race”)


  • This episode was adapted into a comic book in Monkie Kid Comic Story 3.
  • This is one of the two Season 1 episodes that one of the showrunners of Monkie Kid revealed when they were working on the episodes.[1][2]
  • In Malaysia, the episode was originally going to be released on September 20, 2020, but was later rescheduled to the 26th.[3]
  • In Hong Kong, the episode was supposed to premiere on November 22, 2020, but was rescheduled to the 29th due to the live broadcast of the 2020 Macau Grand Prix.
  • When asked if one of gods that appeared in this episode was the Jade Emperor, Jeremy Adams replied that it could be.[4]


  • When MK and Mei got mad at Pigsy for not knowing what the Peaches of Immortality are, MK was seen in his casual attire even though he was wearing his uniform at the time.
  • The credits falsely states that Sandy is in the episode.

Focus Characters


  • MK and Mei serve as the main protagonists of this episode.
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  • Red Son serves as the main antagonist of this episode.
  • The Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan serve as the secondary antagonists of this episode.
  • Other important antagonists include the Gold and Silver Demons and the Bull Clones.


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