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Pigsy: This is the worse case of hiccups I've ever seen. How'd it happen?

Mei: So, remember how you told MK not to enter that Meatball Eating Contest?

Pigsy: Under no circumstances, yeah.

MK: Five hundred meatballs in five minutes. Yeah, boy.

Mei: Yeah, we think that might have been cursed.

MK: So good though.

Pigsy: MK, of all the thoughtless adventure setups you could think of, this one takes the cake.

Mei: We tried everything. I tried rubbing his belly, giving him a good scare, and hitting all his pressure points! But nothing worked. (To Tang) Oh, Mr. Tang, you got to know some ancient techniques for, uh, food poisoning curses, right?

MK: Right, Noodle Guy? Huh? Huh?

Sandy: When I'm not feeling so hot, a special brew of tea perks me right up.

Tang: Oh, Sandy is in this one I see.

Pigsy: Uh, Sandy, something tells me that a bit of loose leaf ain't gonna help us in this particular scenario!

Sandy: Don't underestimate the power of the tea leaves. Besides, I'm not talking about any old tea. I'm talking about the tea made from the leaf of the wild Crimson Jimsonweed. An ancient and powerful flower, said to influence over mortality itself. In the wrong hands, deadly. In the right ones, deadlier!

Tang: Uh, we're not trying to kill him, Sandy. We just want to cure his hiccups.

Sandy: Cure, kill. You say potato, I say potato. However, Crimson Jimsonweed only grows in the mystic jungle of the Emerald Lakes. So who's gonna get it? (Pigsy and Tang look at each other then at Sandy) What? No, no, no, no. I'm strictly a water adventure kind of guy.

Tang: MK's life is at stake!

Sandy: I'll do it, for my friends!

Tang: Hmm. Crimson Jimsonweed produces just one flower and blooms under a light of a Crimson Moon.

MK: (Gasps) That's tonight!

Sandy: By the Gods of Plot Convenience. Let's go!

Mei: Okay bye, Sandy!

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