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Note: Due to Monkie Kid not being a direct representation to Journey to the West,[1] this article will be primarily about the White Horse Dragon's appearance within Monkie Kid. For information about him in Journey to the West, click here.

The White Horse Dragon also known as Ao Lie is a member of the Dragon Clan.



One day, the White Horse Dragon and the other pilgrims learned of the Samadhi Fire. The pilgrims, along with Ne Zha and the Demon Bull King, removed the fire from Red Son and placed them in the three Rings of Samadhi. But during the process of extracting the Samadhi Fire, a small fragment was transferred into the White Horse Dragon instead of one of the rings. It was then passed down through his descendants, eventually coming to rest within Mei.

Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born

When MK arrived at a temple in Flower Fruit Mountain, he saw an illustration of the White Horse Dragon and other legendary heroes who participated in the journey to the west.



Outfit Description Image
Dragon TBA
Ao lie the samadhi fire.png
Horse As a horse, the White Horse Dragon is a white horse with a black mane, black hooves, and a red decoration around his neck with multiple black wool strings.


Names in other languages

Foreign language Name
Mandarin Bái Lóngmǎ (白龍馬, "White Dragon Horse")


  • In Journey to the West, he is instead known as the White Dragon Horse, which was also used to name Mei's bike and jet.
    • His name in the show was previously used in Mei's official description on's campaign for Monkie Kid.[2]
Ao lie horse season 3 intro storyboards 1.png
  • Ao Lie's horse form has yet to be properly shown, it was planned to appear in the Season 3 opening, even making it to the storyboarding phase before it was replaced with his dragon form. [3]


In Monkie Kid


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