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“They are literally diving through the mountain. It's a bold move.”
“Very ambitious. So, I guess we'll catch up with them, on the other side of the mountain?”
Jin and Yin

Yin (also known as the Silver Horn Demon) is the younger brother of Jin and one of the many Demons that the Monkey King once fought.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

When MK arrived at a temple in Flower Fruit Mountain, he saw an illustration of the Silver Horn Demon and the Monkey King's other adversaries.

Season 1

Kidnapping MK

Sometime after MK defeated the Demon Bull King, Yin and Jin heard about MK and knew that he would be a perfect adversary to them. So Yin and Jin made MK deliver noodles to their hideout so they can trap him in the Calabash.


After Jin made a mistake to make the alternate universe Mei tell MK that she loves him, Yin attempts to take the Calabash from him, as he thinks that Jin is just going to tell MK that everything's perfect again. But instead, Yin decided to look through their scheme book to go through the plan.

Once MK broke free from the Calabash, Yin and Jin told him about themselves and how he got trapped in the Calabash. Although, when MK attempt to fight them, Yin and Jin escaped.

The Great Wall Race

After MK joined the Great Wall Race, Yin and Jin remind him that they are in the race as well. However, once the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined, Yin and Jin quitted the race and became the announcers.

During the race, Yin and Jin commented on the racers and what they did until MK and Mei won the Great Wall Race.


Like his brother, the Yin acts intimidating to other people who are unaware of him so he can make them think as a major threat, as he was scared of MK at first until the latter questioned who the Horn Demons were.

In "The Great Wall Race", it was revealed that the Yin would rather make competitions difficult for people than win, as the Jin and Yin wanted to compete in the Great Wall Race but decided to become the commentators and change the course when the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan joined.


Yin looks just like his brother except he has blue skin, blue horns and silver hair. Like his brother, Yin wears black armour, dark grey leather suspenders and belt with a silver plate and dark grey belt with black pants.

On his minifigure, Yin has the Chinese letter for silver in the silver plate.


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  • Jin - Jin is the Yin's older brother. Although they argue at times, Yin and Jin are able to work together as a team to fight off their enemies.


  • Monkey King - The Monkey King is one of the Yin's enemies.
  • MK's Team - MK's Team is one of the known enemies of the Yin. In "Calabash", it was revealed that the Yin and Jin are aware of MK's Team and think of them as their adversaries.
    • MK - MK is one of the Yin's enemies. When MK went to their hideout to deliver noodles, Jin and Yin captured him by putting him in their Calabash.



  • In the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, Yin is known as the "Silver Horned King" instead.



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